Sunday, October 9, 2016

About Me

Hi, my name is Kiana, I love to play soccer and softball and many other sports. That's why I am on a club soccer team and all-star softball. I have a sister, and we both love to dress up. I love to shop only if it's for me and I love shoes. I was always the hiper kid who loves breaking things and playing, and I still am. I still break lots of things, when I was a kid I needed lots of attention. I love to hang out with my friends and watch movies. I am  a daddy's girl who wants to be lawyer when I grow up. My favorite TV show is a vet show. I love animals but unfortunately, my parents won't let me get one.  My favorite subject is Social Studies. I love to visit with my family to different places all over the wold like Alabama, Washington, Texas, Columbia, Thailand, Mexico, Florida, New York, Virginia, New Orleans, New Mexico , Jamaica, Chicago and Tennessee and many more. I love to be crazy and I also love sugar! My family and I love to go on vacations together. My favorite store's to shop at are Brandy Melville, Pacsun, Nordstrom( where my mom works) and any store that has something cute. My favorite apps are Snapchat, Instagram, and Youtube. I love getting smashed by waves at the beach. I have gotten 5 teeth pulled out and my teeth are one of the rarest cases my dentist has ever seen. I have gotten braces twice well right now I have them and my parents have spent more than 10,000 dollars on my teeth. I could never live without my phone and an eye -lash curler.

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  1. Hello, Kiana :) My name is Ms. Colley (although my students call me Steve) and I will be your mentor for this blogging challenge. I teach seventh grade in Ohio. I enjoyed reading your "About Me" post, and I can especially relate to loving animals. We have cats, dogs, bunnies, a frog, and some fish. I spend a lot of time focused on animals every day! I grew up in Texas near the beach, so I can relate to your comments about the waves. I was once stung by a jellyfish while in deep water & my ankle swelled to four times its normal size. Yikes! You are welcome to connect with my students at All of the student blogs should be linked soon!

    1. Hi Ms. Colley (Steve) thanks for the comment! I really enjoyed reading all about you and your class, that's so cool how you teach seventh grade. I can relate to your jellyfish comment because I went to North Carolina and got stung by a jellyfish. I can't wait to check out your students blogs!
      Blog On!

  2. Hey! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I replied to your comment on your blog but I thought I should check out your blog like you did with mine. Thanks for leaving your blog URL so I can see your blog. This is really interesting, I really like your blog. Have an amazing day!Here is my blog URL just in case you didn't have it:

    1. Hi Miranda thanks for checking out my blog and replying! I really enjoyed your blog to. Thanks for the URL I checked out your blog again. Have a great day!
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  3. Hi Kiana,
    My name is Anthony Why have a few thing in common we both love shopping,and we both love to dress up.
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