Friday, December 2, 2016

Language Arts Wins!

This week I created a poll for students to vote on and chose their favorite subject at school and Language Arts won with 11%. Language Arts was the subject with the most votes.According to this poll to my right, kids In Scotland like math better when choosing their favorite subject. When comparing just Social Studies, English( Language Arts), math and Science to Scotland kids ( middle schoolers) they like Math better and at my school, they choose Language Arts as their favorite subject. The links that help me find out what Scotland kids favorite subject is and also I also looked at Tokyo students and It was the same thing, everyone liked math the best. I am pretty sure everyone likes math the best because It's the same In every country. In second place It was social studies. In Scotland, social studies kids chose It to be In 3rd place with 8%. "I found it very fascinating to see what people chose for their favorite things and how each person had a different opinion.I had all grade levels vote on my poll because I felt it was the best option in finding out and collecting information" Olivia Sulamanagic said.

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  1. Hi Kiana,
    Your blog is very festive:)
    Math...math...math! It sure wasn't my favorite, but I know it has changed a lot. Can you post the interview, too?