ESBC '16

Activity 1
Images and Attribution/ Creative Commons

 Activity 1- very  powerful tools for creation they can create stuff, draw, write stories, take photographs, make videos and record stuff. When you draw something their is only 1 copy but when you draw it on an computer and share it people can make more copy's. They can make changes to your picture and share them. If you don't want them to the law although they still have the picture if they do anything without your permission its called copyright. They can get In serious trouble for copyright. It depends on where you live so If you live in America  the law is called bary use. The law gives you automatic stories you make, pictures you take, music and the video you take. If you say people can use your photo and don't have to ask consider using the creative commons license. Creative common is an organization that puts photo's out that you can use without asking anyone. Continent common is when you state If you can or can't use the photo. All creative common license require attribution which means you may share your work as long as they credit you.

Image result for cakeActivity 2-
C- Cake comes in many different flavors.
A- All cakes involve flour unless their gluten free.
K- Kiwi is surprising a flavor of cake.
E- Ever cake is normally decorated.

Activity 4- The Image is by Indigo Will's called Vacation   Images from flickr
Once upon a time a family went on a vacation to the Bahamans they had a great time and enjoyed their family vacation. Sadly, on the way back home the plane crashed on an island near their vacation spot. Use this URL to help me write
Image result for vacation pretty pic
Actvity 4- 

Images from flickr and 1 Image from me
My sister and I love to travel.

Activity 5-

A girl went to a vacation.

Activity 6emojiemoji
I love these emoji's and I use these everyday here is the link If you want to make one

Photo  Credits: Me    Activity 8-

Actvity 10- Josh wrote a post about how people In this world are starving

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