Based on a true story

“There are jellyfish everywhere,” blurted Rachel.
“There are million of stingrays everywhere!,” screamed Olivia.
Olivia is a 12 year old girl and Rachel is a 14 year old girl. Olivia and Rachel slowly walked into the ocean.  Rachel could see all of the slimy fish but no jellyfish and stingrays. Olivia had a huge swan floaty/raft and sat on It. Olivia  was scared a jellyfish would sting her while she sat on the raft in the ocean. Rachel pulled Olivia through the ocean, but Olivia demanded to get off.
“ Rachel get me off of this floaty and get me to the shore!”Demanded Olivia
“Are jellyfish only in North Carolina?” Olivia  asked.
“No,”and we are going snorkeling now,” exclaimed  Rachel.
Olivia and Rachel had put their gear on and headed toward the ocean.
‘I’m scared: do you think I’ll get stung?” asked Olivia.
The water was deep and cold, It felt like ice cubes.  As Olivia  was swimming, she didn’t see anything, but Rachel did.  Rachel saw so many jellyfish with purple on the top of them but wasn’t scared at all When Rachel was swimming she said the jellyfish next to her was dancing. Olivia  slowly turned to go back to the shore of the ocean but she was surrounded by a bunch of jellyfish. All of a sudden a huge jellyfish came  up ,and a stingray swooped under her.  Olivia  started to get scared and started to scream and kicking, but Rachel didn’t hear Olivia. Olivia  tried to run but the jellyfish come closer and closer until. WHAMM… It stings Olivia  on the back of her leg.  Rachel heard Olivia  scream, and rushed Olivia  back to the beach house her parents had rented.
After the sting, her mom got some neosporin and bandaids to cover up the sting. After all this chaos, Olivia went fishing with her dad and caught a huge stingray. At the ocean Olivia  let the stingray back Into the water and caught two more fish. The next day Olivia was thankful for all the jellyfish In the ocean because they make the world a better place.

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